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Green Flash Vs. Yellow Bird (and the World’s First Airplane Stowaway)

No, this isn’t the title of a bad superhero movie, or an up and coming pay-preview wrestling match – it’s the race of two countries, and two aircraft, that ended before it even got off the ground (pun intended!). Set the scene, we’re at Old Orchard Beach, Maine. The year is 1929. The Stock Market […]

Old Orchard Beach, Baked Beans, and Airplanes… (Oh My!)

When many of us think of Old Orchard Beach, we think of the last word in the name: Beach! And, with summer on our heels, soon tourists and locals alike will be flocking to Old Orchard Beach to tan our pale, winter skin in the Maine sunshine. But, as you’re hauling your beach umbrellas, towels, […]